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(A scholarship to provide funding to an individual for sailing instruction to experience the thrill of sailing while attending SBJSA)



Sailorships are provided for camp participation. Any camper or racer, age 6 to 18,  whose family is in need of financial assistance, is eligible for this scholarship.

SBJSA awards as many full Sailorships as possible; and occasionally partial scholarships are awarded to accommodate more campers. Returning campers may apply. All requests, names, and specific information on this application will be kept confidential.


The criteria for awarding the Sailorships are:

  1. Sincere interest of the applicant.

  2. Financial need.

  3. SBJSA evaluation. (This only applies to returning campers.)

How to Apply!


​Visit our registration site                                         and while registering for your desired program you will be asked if you would like to apply for a Sailorship. Please select Sailorship and the desired program and use the criteria listed above to complete the 

We will call you when we receive your scholarship application and can answer any and all questions at that time.


Please call Martha Lightfoot (585)-857-1961, or email with any urgent questions.

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