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SBJSA relies on volunteerism to operate and maintain the sailing school and our Community Boating operation. All of the officers and directors of the corporation are volunteers, inspired by the many others that helped build SBJSA over the last sixty-plus years. As we grow and expand our program and course offerings, we need to continue relying on volunteers to make it all possible, whether it’s helping to welcome kids and parents at camp, repairing or waxing our boats, cutting the grass, performing other grounds or facilities cleanup and maintenance, working at our fundraising events or helping us run our annual Centrals on Sodus Regatta


We invite you to volunteer at the Sailing Center. As the season approaches, we will post sign-up opportunities on this page, as well as our homepage and in our e-newsletters. 


Please stay tuned to our channels of communication to learn how you can help us!

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