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Please save the date for these events.....


As you may already know SBJSA functions as a 501(C)3 Tax exempt sailing school. What that means to our supporters, campers, and patrons is that we function through tuition, donations and various methods of giving. As one of the first sailing schools in the state, founded in 1956, this method of operation has served us well. The simple reason is that we believe that offering children the opportunity for adventure, education, and just plain fun on the water with wind and sails is one of the most rewarding things they could do. Not to mention the lifelong friendships and memories that are part of the experience.

Listed on these pages are the events (and registration) that we use as a venue for fundraising, and supplementing the costs of running SBJSA not covered by the camp tuition. We really count on everyone's support and attendance at these event not only for fundraising, but to continue the connection to families, friends and the camp. Please consider attending and supporting SBJSA this season and in the future.


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