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SBJSA is a not-for-profit charitable organization chartered by the NYS Education Dept. It is registered and recognized as a 501c(3) charitable corporation; thus all donations of money, material or volunteer labor are fully tax deductible for IRS purposes.

We welcome and encourage your support for our programs, facilities, staff and equipment. We need your donation, whether it’s your wealth, your wisdom and/or your work. By donating in some form to SBJSA and our Community Boating Center, you help us promote our mission to provide access to the water and education for all. Without your donation support, we simply would be unable to do what we do.

In terms of sharing your wealth, we have options that include private donations through direct giving, payroll deduction via the United Way, direct transfer of securities, estate and IRA distributions, scholarships or in-kind gifts of materials and food for our fundraising events., etc. We also are grateful for the many generous businesses and other organizations that provide corporate sponsorship to us in the form of cash, or in-kind support the form of materials and services we need to operate.

In a big way, we also need your wisdom and work donation in the form of volunteer labor, whether it be as a member of our Board of Directors or a subcommittee on various topics, or your skill to help us execute a variety of regular maintenance work on our buildings, fleet and property.

On the pages in this “Support Us” section of our website, please examine all the various ways in which you or your business can help us fulfill our mission. We sincerely thank you for your generosity and we promise to utilize your wonderful gift in a very responsible and effective way for the benefit of the customers we serve. 


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