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Race Coach & Assistant Race Coach Application

The Head Race Coach and Assistant Coach (if needed based on enrollment) work under the direction and supervision of the SBJSA Program Director and a designated member of the SBJSA Board of Directors. The racing coaches are responsible for implementing a comprehensive racing program that is consistent with the goals of the SBJSA Board of Directors.

Responsible to:

Director of the Program, SBJSA Director of Racing, Board of Directors

The candidate should be a leader who is highly organized and self-motivated with excellent communication skills. A large part of this position includes communicating with parents, members, sailors, and other staff respectfully and effectively.


Must be at least 18 years of age 

  • Current CPR/AED Certificate

  • US Sailing Level I - Level 2 

  • Current Standard First Aid

  • NYS Safe Boating Card

  • USSA Safe Sport Certificate

  • Drivers License and Clean Record

Reports to: Program Director
Classification: Seasonal, full-time position
Dates of Employment: 
Minimum 6/21 - 8/13/202, Additional opportunities May-June September-October
Compensation: Hourly, BOE

Specific duties include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Plan, prepare and teach daily lessons in racing and race boat handling, the USSA Racing Rules, sail trim and helming, boat rigging/de-rigging, safety, seamanship, regatta procedures, etc, in a safe environment and according to the details provided in the SBJSA Travel Race Team (TRT) curriculum documents for Opti, Laser & 420. To the best of your ability, adjust lesson plans to fit the needs and skill levels of enrolled campers in that TRT session.


2. Utilize the SBJSA TRT Curriculum Progression Diagram to help ensure that campers move through skill levels in a logical fashion and understand how they’re advancing and learning through the curriculum.


3. Create and utilize effective “rainy day” programming for the TRT when inclement weather prevents on-the-water activities.


4. Demonstrate proper handling care and respect for all materials, boats, equipment and facilities to members of the team and, by example, in your own actions.


5. Be willing to carry out additional duties assigned by the Program Director (PD) and/or the SBJSA Board Director of Racing.


6. Supervise students to insure their safety at all times.


7. Supervise each racer, group of racers, and physical areas used by racers to store equipment.


8. Schedule and attend regular meetings with the Program Director and/or Board Director of Racing  regarding the needs of the program, including the PD’s daily staff meetings.


9. Collaborate with the PD and SBJSA Board Designee in planning the SBJSA inter-club & regional regatta schedule and transportation of racers and equipment. Effectively and regularly communicate with parents in timely fashion about the racing event schedule, where volunteer assistance is needed or required in order for the team to travel (including transporting race team members and towing boat trailers, etc), departure/arrival times, contact phone numbers at the destination yacht club, etc.


10. Encourage and support the spirit of racing by informing all racers of other appropriate races/regattas in the area and their eligibility


11. Directly supervise, assign boats/trailers, and coach SBJSA racers at the SBJSA

Thursday Night Racing Series and designated inter-club and regional junior regattas that may involve weekends as assigned. This also involves maintaining records of equipment, preparing student certificates and presenting awards.



12. Contribute ideas at staff meetings and provide enthusiasm and energy for the staff team.


13. Oversee the delivery and coordination of the Learn to Race program & curriculum with the Travel Race Team program & curriculum.


14. Direct and evaluate the Assistant Race Coach (if that position has been filled) and communicate to the PD those instructors who represent good candidates for racing program involvement, including future coaching potential.


15. Be a role model and example of good sportsmanship. Teach students how to react and conduct themselves in competitive situations on the water and in protest hearings on land, including how to lose.


16. Report all boat damage and/or equipment damage or loss to the SBJSA Board Director of Fleet in timely fashion.


17. Understand and comply with all requirements set forth in the Head Race Coach Employment Offer document, including weekly work schedule/hours (including travel and coaching at inter-clubs and regattas), travel reimbursement and required mileage records, restrictions on time off, etc.

NOTE:  The SBJSA Employee Expectations document and the SBJSA Youth Protection Policy document must be read and accepted by checking the box at the end of this application form. Click on button to view, read and acknowledge.

Read these two documents BEFORE completing the forms below.  Note: you must indicate your acceptance of these two documents before you submit the application.

NOTE:  The SBJSA Employee Expectations document and the SBJSA Youth Protection Policy document must be read and accepted by checking the box at the end of this application form. Click on button to view, read and acknowledge.

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