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Choose either an INDIVIDUAL or a  Extended Family MEMBERSHIP plan.  Enjoy the use of our fleet of sailboats and paddlecraft through optional à la carte options.


Individual (must be 18 or older):        $20

  • (Optional)  Full fleet usage:  add $130

  • (Optional)  Paddlecraft only: add $50


Extended Family Membership (allows for up to two adults and four children*, age 18 or under, that all may or may not be blood related or live within the same household): $50

  •  (Optional) Full fleet usage:   add $215

  •  (Optional) Paddlecraft only:  add $85


Optional for Seasonal Members only: 

  • Daily Guest*: $5 (purchased as a 6-pack for $30; additional boat usage fees apply)



*  Children (under 18) and Guests must be accompanied by an adult member.  Parent/Legal Custodian consent required for children. Additional boat usage fees apply (see below), except that Children/Guests may accompany a qualified Adult member on a 2-person boat that the qualified Adult member has already paid to use.  Guest passes non-transferable.  Guest passes good for 2020 season only.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to join Community Boating at SBJSA?

Community boating is a membership supported program for "Access and Education" to the watercraft and facilities on the SBJSA Campus. Anyone, ages 18 and up by June 1) may purchase a membership and participate in Community Boating activities. Under age 18 members may only participate through a supervised FAMILIY PLAN. Community Boating membership provides several levels of "Access and Education" for individuals and their guest. All members and GUESTS must pay the IINDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP entry level fee of $20 and then select from a variety of boat usage options listed in the menu below. (SEE GUEST DEFINITION)

Why the membership levels, what's best for me?

An individual membership begins with a $20 Membership fee. (facilities use only, no SBJSA watercraft usage) Alacarte options:

  • WATERCRAFT MEMBERSHIP: ( Enables use of our ENTIRE FLEET (with qualifications)
  • PADDLECRAFT STORAGE: ($25) to store one of your personal paddlecraft on the SBJSA racks for the summer.

Can I bring a "guest"?

Yes but first we must define "guest" and "member":

  1. All Community Members must join at the entry level membership. (SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP)
  2. All Guests must join as entry level members. (SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP)
  3. All Members can select various watercraft use options.
  4. Some watercraft requires "certification" in order to be used (ie. sailboats, rowing shells.)
  5. A member that has paid to use boats and has been certified may take out a "member guest" with them. Member/Guests are not permitted to take out any boat by themselves.

How do I sign up for classes and/or qualify to use certain SBJSA watercraft?

Once you have completed the form below and have become a "member" in any form you are eligible to sign up for any classes. The class calendar is posted on the SBJSA Community Boating website page and registration links can be found there. Experienced sailors need only satisfy a one-time qualification interview conducted by the Comunity Boating OOD. Inexperienced/non-qualified sailors or those interested in more training need only look to the course offerings and schedule on the class schedule web page.

What are the hours of operation?

The Community Boating Center is staffed by volunteers, employees, and members of the SBJSA Board Of Directors. SBJSA Community Boating Operation Schedule, 2020: Between Wednesday June 1th and August 15th, we’re open weekly on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 6 - 8:30 pm, and Saturdays 10am - 4pm. SBJSA staff and/or adult volunteers, acting as the Community Boating Officer of the Day (OOD), will be on-hand to assist you. Class schedules will be posted on the Community Boating Class Sign-Up page.

What does my Community Boating Membership offer?

All individual membership begins with a $20 INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP fee.

  1. Launch your own paddlecraft or small sailboat off our property at any time.
  2. Members are eligiple to select from all Community Boating offerings on a seasonal "alacart" basis.
  3. Ability to reserve the CH Stuart Foundation Bldg & Costich Pavilion during specific times for private social functions (modest bldg usage fees apply, based on # of people & bldg needed), or rent and erect a tent on SBJSA grounds for your function. A SBJSA Facility Use Agreement must be submitted and approved.
  4. If you have paid for use of our sailboats (WATERCRAFT MEMBERSHIP) and are qualified to do so, then participate in our Thursday Night Racing Series and utilize an SBJSA sailboat at no extra cost.

  5. Membership card & parking sticker will be issued for on-site parking (shows your support).

  6. Ability to bring a guest unlimited times for no additional boat usage cost (just pay one-time guest membership fee of $20 for each guest).


SBJSA is committed to making the joys of sailing & other watersports available to everyone, building lifelong boaters & fostering responsible eco-awareness & stewardship of our natural resource, Great Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario. 


Fun activities on the water are at the core of our educational/recreational programs & our community partnerships. Reaching out to both locals & visitors, including the underserved, we promote teamwork, leadership, community spirit, & healthy lives.   



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