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Community Access and Education..... It takes partners!

SBJSA has operated since 1956 as a summer camp for children 8-18 years. In that time we have learned that success is a combination of learning with a large dose of fun and adventure. Our summer day camp offers opportunities that are not always available to children that normally don't have access to the water. 


We also believe that community access to the water and the availability to use boats from our fleet is a key part of our mission, along with boating education for all. SBJSA is continually seeking partnership and sponsor opportunities with those individuals and institutions that would like to help further our goals and programming. Through our scholarship and endowment programs SBJSA is always looking to provided "access" to our fleet, facilities, and our greatest asset Great Sodus Bay. Please review out partnership opportunities and consider how your organization, may benefit from a partnership with SBJSA.


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