There are many connections between the sport of sailing, Sodus Bay ecology and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. At Sodus Bay Junior Sailing, we believe the educational linkage between STEM subjects and sailing is an important one to share with our youth (and probably adults too!).

We regularly incorporate STEM teaching modules in our regular SBJSA summer camp programming. We utilize standard and established STEM curriculum, connected with sailing, that’s already been developed and is distributed by US Sailing, known as REACH.


In the fall of 2017 we decided that our effort needed to be more comprehensive and reach a wider audience. To do that, we determined that it would be more effective if STEM modules were taught by skilled teachers from area schools, directly to their students, using our facilities and equipment so that sailing could be incorporated in a more complete program. Exploratory meetings were held with administrators and teachers, with very encouraging interest and feedback for a potential program getting started in 2019.

Our plan was to first train the SBJSA Program Director, via US Sailing's STEM Educator training course, which uses USSA's established REACH curriculum as the foundation. The next step for us is to re-engage with area school districts and hopefully plan a training event(s) for selected teachers to learn how sailing can be effectively used as a terrific, hands-on way to demonstrate STEM concepts. Students in their classrooms will be able to actually go sailing as perhaps the most impactful way of connecting science and technology to something they can experience first-hand, both on-land and out on the water.


If your school is interested, please contact SBJSA President Ed St. George ( for more information about how you can become part of this exciting program for our youth!  

US Sailing REACH Programing at a glance. Teachers and Administrators check this out!


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