Exclusively for folks who are current 2020 Community Boating (CB) members, this year we’re offering several instructional classes for adults, ages 18 and up, whether you’re an individual or family member! (see “CB Individual Plans” or “CB Family Plans” in this section of our website for membership registration details). Advance registration is required so we can schedule our instructors to fit your desired date(s) within our available summer season. Please note that in order to attend a class, the participant must reside in the NY Finger Lakes region for a minimum of 14 days, COVID-19 symptom free, before coming to SBJSA premises. Click on the registration link button under each course description to sign up and then contact our Program Director (315-483-8883) to firm up a mutually workable schedule.


(once you have registered the options are available to view)


For items A, B and C, you may register to take these courses on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, or during the day on Saturdays or Sundays between July 1st  and August 15, 2020. Our 4 adult courses available this year are:


A. “First Sail” Experience (1 hr)

B. Adult Private Sailing Lessons (by the hour)

C.  Adult Learn to Sail (12 hrs duration, 3 hrs/weekday evening across 4 weeks)

D. Adult Safe Powerboat Handling, August 15-16 (12:30 – 4 pm each day)


A. “First Sail” Experience:  for those individuals who have never been sailing, but want to give it a try, we offer this 1 hour sail on our O’Day 19 to give you a taste of what sailing is all about! Our instructor can take 1 or 2 people out at a time during 2020 (2 only if from same household) for this “First Sail” experience.


What to bring with you: sunscreen, water, face covering, a lifejacket (or we can provide a loaner if needed) and appropriate clothing based on the weather.

Cost: $25 per person


B. Adult Private Sailing Lessons are available to help those folks who are new to sailing as well as those who already have some basic sailing knowledge and experience, but who need to re-familiarize themselves with some of the fundamentals of sailing and boat handling, or just want to brush up on or learn some specific skills. Our instructors are happy to provide these lessons, by the hour, on our O’Day 19 or one of our 420s or a combination of the two.

What to bring with you: sunscreen, water, face covering, a lifejacket (or we can provide a loaner if needed), and appropriate clothing based on the weather

Cost: $65/hour per person


C. Adult Learn to Sail is a comprehensive, instructional series that teaches the basic fundamentals of how to sail. It includes a large number of topics to give you a terrific introduction into the sport of sailing, including points of sail, how to read the wind, sail trim, how to helm a boat, tack, jibe, etc., rules of the road, basic marine knots, how to sail away from and back to a dock, etc. The curriculum is taught for 3 hrs per day or evening, spread across 4 consecutive weeks, so you receive a full 12 hours of instruction, with the bulk of it out on the water in an O’Day 19 or Ideal 18 keelboat. One person, or a maximum of 2 students (must be from the same household in 2020) are assigned each lesson with one of our certified instructors for the entire 4 week schedule. Note that if bad weather prevents a class from being held, a makeup session will be scheduled between the instructor and the student(s) involved.


What to bring with you: sunscreen, water, face covering, a lifejacket (or we can provide a loaner if needed) and appropriate clothing based on the weather

Cost: $275 for 1 student, $175 additional for the 2nd person (same household in 2020)


D. Safe Powerboat Handling is a 7 hour course aimed at providing a combination of classroom and on-water training in the safe operation of single-engine powerboats. Topics to be covered include steering, starting and operating an engine, how to tie up correctly to a dock, safe departure and approach from/to a dock, backing up under control, rules of the road, safety equipment on-board and a number of other topics.                                                                                                 


What to bring with you: sunscreen, water, notepad and pen/pencil, face covering, water, a lifejacket (or we can provide a loaner if needed) and appropriate clothing based on the weather.

Dates of the Course: August 15 & 16, 2020, 12:30 – 4pm on both days.

Cost: $125/person, minimum of 2 registrants needed to conduct the course, maximum of 6.

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SBJSA is committed to making the joys of sailing & other watersports available to everyone, building lifelong boaters & fostering responsible eco-awareness & stewardship of our natural resource, Great Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario. 


Fun activities on the water are at the core of our educational/recreational programs & our community partnerships. Reaching out to both locals & visitors, including the underserved, we promote teamwork, leadership, community spirit, & healthy lives.   



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