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Since 1956, SBJSA has operated a summer educational sailing program that is open to all children from ages 8-18. Over the years we have employed many high school and college students to be our instructors, coaches and Program Director. Each year our staff and local high school students approach us with inquires regarding fulfilling volunteer credits or community service requirements for their local school systems, which we can often provide.  We have also had several Boy or Girl Scouts complete projects at the SBJSA Sailing Center as they work toward specific badges or awards.


SBJSA and the Community Boating Center is pleased to entertain any submissions for internships, including volunteerism at the high school or college level. When looking at our programs of instruction, including summer camp, interscholastic sailing, collegiate sailing and Community Boating programs for people of all ages, there may be many options for developing internship opportunities in a paid or volunteer capacity.


SBJSA is also entertaining submissions from area colleges that are seeking to place students in internships in a variety of camp and program  management and/or recreation and teaching programs. Our curriculum and status as a nationally recognized community sailing program verifies the capabilities and quality of our standards, curriculum, and corporate organization.


Please contact the SBJSA with proposals or questions;

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