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SBJSA Youth Protection Policy

Staff Member Acknowledgement (Includes paid staff & CITs):

I understand and accept the following:

  • Staff members may NOT, under any circumstances, hit a child.

  • Staff members may not use abusive or derogatory language with students.

  • Staff members need to ask for help when circumstances indicate a difficult situation is developing .

  • A staff member who encounters a particularly difficult child will seek the assistance of the Program Director, a Parent Volunteer of the Day, or an SBJSA Board member that may be present.

  • In all dealings with campers, staff members should strive to respond positively to children, as opposed to reacting negatively.


Physical Contact:


I understand and accept that when touching students, the following shall be followed:

  • on the hand, shoulder, or upper back is permissible.

  • such contact shall be made only in the company of or in full view of other adult(s).

  • never against a child’s will (unless in the case of clear and present danger of the child).

  • never against a child’s discomfort, whether expressed verbally or non-verbally.

  • never when it would have the effect of over-stimulating the child.

  • never in a place on a child’s body that is normally covered by a bathing suit, unless for a clear medical necessity, and then only with supervision from the Program Director or another adult.

Other Requirements:


I understand and accept that I am a caretaker of children.


I understand that there is a clear power difference between myself and students (money, mobility, authority, experience, knowledge, different set of rules).


I understand that inappropriate sexual contact with or physical abuse of a student is strictly prohibited. Such contact can have severe emotional and psychological effects on a student that can last a lifetime. These reactions can be so severe, they can require intensive professional intervention which can be disruptive to the victim’s life as well as time-consuming and expensive.


I further understand and accept the following:

  • “hazing” of students by students or staff members is prohibited.

  • campers will not be subjected to “initiation” rites that are abusive in any manner.

  • there shall be no bullying of campers or staff members, whether physical, verbal or via cyber means.

  • campers cannot be alone with a staff member in rest rooms and/or changing rooms.

  • staff members will set limits with children who “cling” or hang on to them.

  • staff members will not give back rubs to campers unless another adult is present.

  • tickling or teasing a student to the point where that student is out of control is unacceptable.

  • wrestling matches and the like can become over-stimulating in short order and need to be stopped if/when they occur.

  • overnight trips require a minimum of two adult leaders in attendance and there needs to be at least one staff member present of the same gender as the campers.

  • affectionate displays and/or such physical contact between staff members is not permitted at any time during daily camp operation.

  • staff members sleeping together on overnights is grounds for dismissal.

  • romantic lives of staff members cannot, under any circumstances, be shared with student.

  • whatever is done with students should be done in broad daylight, with adult company present!

  • use of cell phones in restroom/shower facilities, by staff and/or students, is not permitted.

  • physical violence, sexual activity, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, unauthorized weapons, discrimination, harassment, bullying, theft, and verbal insults are all examples of unacceptable behaviors which SBJSA will not tolerate whatsoever.

I also agree to the following:

  • to watch for signs of stress in myself and others as a way of maintaining a safe environment at SBJSA.

  • to help other staff members who seem at risk for hurting, overstimulating or abusing campers.

  • to alert senior or supervisory personnel to the need for more careful supervision, intervention or support.

  • to report any misconduct and/or inappropriate behavior (referenced in this policy) on the part of a fellow staff member, camper or adult, whether suspicious or based on actual observation, to the Program Director, or a member of the SBJSA Board of Directors, at the earliest opportunity. 

  • to seek help myself if I feel at risk for hurting, overstimulating or abusing a student.

State Laws Concerning Child Abuse (to be covered during Staff Orientation/Prep Week)


I am aware of the following:

  • definition of a “mandated reporter”

  • purpose of child protection laws

  • clarification that a report is based on suspicion of abuse, not proven abuse

  • summary of the reporting procedures (time frame, reporting agency, information requested)

  • penalty for not reporting

Furthermore, I am attesting to the fact that I have read, understand and accept the rules and standards of youth protection and other conduct outlined in this document.

Responsibilities of the SBJSA Program Director and members of the Board of Directors:


  • Stop the policy violation or abuse

  • Protect the youth

  • Separate alleged victim(s) from alleged perpetrator(s)

  • Summon needed assistance (911, EMS, additional SBJSA leaders)

  • Notify parents

  • Notify the SBJSA President

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