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The Assistant Program Director is expected to provide administrative support and staff oversight that emphasizes safety, proper handling of equipment, skill development, and provides an enjoyable experience for all staff and students in a manner consistent with the goals of the SBJSA Board of Directors.

The candidate should be a leader who is highly organized and self-motivated with excellent communication skills. A large part of this position includes communicating with parents, members, sailors, and other staff respectfully and effectively.


Must be at least 17 years of age and hold the current certificates.

  • Current CPR/AED Certificate

  • US Sailing Level I  

  • Current Standard First Aid

  • NYS Safe Boating Card

  • USSA Safe Sport Certificate

Must have at least two summers of experience teaching in a sailing/swimming program.

Must have no felonious convictions, and no charges for child abuse, or endangering the well being of a minor.

Reports to: Program Director
Classification: Seasonal, full-time position
Dates of Employment: Minimum 6/21 - 8/13/202, Additional opportunities May-June September-October
Compensation: Hourly, BOE

Offers of employment are contingent on passing a criminal background check. Job descriptions are intended to present a descriptive list of the range of duties performed by employees in the position and are not intended to reflect all duties performed with the job.

  • Observe CITs during boat prep/rigging, sailing, dry land activities, lunch hour, de-rigging and at various other random times during the week to see how they interact with campers and other staff. Provide immediate feedback to the CIT as necessary.

  • Organize CIT work schedules so they team up with different paid instructors each week of camp.

  • Schedule when CITs will perform both dry land and water drills with their assigned instructor and work with the CITs to prepare them, observe them and then provide immediate, constructive feedback.

  • Meet with instructors and CITs at the end of every camp week to go through the weekly CIT assessment process. During a 1-on-1 with each CIT, share highlights of their strengths and growth opportunities and create a plan with that CIT for improvement in the week(s) ahead.

  • Communicate and discuss each staff member and CIT’s strength and weaknesses with the Program Director (PD) and jointly review a plan of improvement for each CIT in the week(s) ahead.

  • Periodically during the camp season, review the overall CIT training process with the PD and, as needed, revise the existing CIT Training Program documents to keep them current and effective.

  • Participate and provide input to the PD and Head Race Coach when issues of discipline and/or disciplinary action arise with students.

  • Assist the PD in enforcing SBJSA Rules, including helping to interface with campers who are being distracting or “acting out” in groups, which often leads to a 1-on-1 conversation with that student to resolve the issue.

  • Fill in for the PD on-site and assume that role whenever the PD is out on the water or is busy with tending to a specific out-of-office task. During this time, maintain communication with all staff members via SBJSA’s base radio and walkie-talkie systems and respond to their needs or questions with support and direction if the PD is not available.

  • Provide general on-the-water support to instructors for observing students, towing boats, launching and retrieving sailboats, checking rigging, providing capsizing and/or injury safety support to the instructor, etc. Be first on the water in a safety boat so that instructors have assurance that students, as they launch and begin sailing, are safe on the water while the instructor helps others in his/her class rig and launch their boats on shore. This also provides our youngest students with an on-the-water point person in case there are questions or confusion as they head out onto the Bay.

  • Assist the Race Coach(es) in race course set-up.

  • Organize students and staff for group events, including class assignments in each session, Big Boat Day, Sandbar Day, Parent’s Day, Rainy Days, Treasure Hunt Day, games, etc. and help provide leadership for these events on the day they occur. Assist the PD in communicating these events to parents and campers ahead of time.

  • Assist the PD in daily morning duties, including checking in with instructors/pre-brief, answering student and parent questions, setting up information boards for special events, taking and recording  attendance, etc.

  • During program sessions, if needed, assist the PD in entering student registration details into the Master Registration Spreadsheet.

  • Assist the PD in sending home communication notes or flyers with each camper for special events.

  • Check-in daily with the Program Director before the end-of-day staff meeting to share observations and/or other topics that need to be addressed during the staff meeting.

  • Provide input to the PD for curriculum and instructional improvements.

NOTE:  The SBJSA Employee Expectations document and the SBJSA Youth Protection Policy document must be read and accepted by checking the box at the end of this application form. Click on button to view, read and acknowledge.

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