Scholarship Application Process

The Sodus Bay Junior Sailing Association, Inc. awards a number of scholarships each year which provide children with tuition necessary to attend a 2-week summer sailing camp session. Community organizations, individual donors and SBJSA’s Scholarship Endowment Fund provide funding for these scholarships.  Students are nominated based on financial need (and other criteria stated in the application) from 1 of 3 possible sources: (1) Sodus Central School District guidance counselors, (2) any students at-large from any Wayne County public school, or (3) specifically named by a scholarship donor.

The SBJSA Scholarship Committee awards as many full scholarships (2 weeks of camp) as possible each year. Occasionally, partial scholarships are awarded to provide an opportunity for more qualified children to attend.

The application process for the student and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) is as follows:

1.  Print and fill out a Scholarship Application form below.


2.  In addition, print and fill out a Camp Registration package, which can be found on our website (, under the menu header “Programs”). Please fill in all the requested information on pages 1 and 2. The other pages in the registration package contain information, including the Parent Handbook, which will answer questions you might have about the program.

a. The student will most likely be enrolled in “LTS (Learn to Sail)”. This is our basic sailing instructional program.
b. Indicate with a checkmark the camp session (#1, 2 or 3) that your student would prefer to attend.
Each session is Mon-Fri for 2 weeks. Note that Session 1 is one day shorter if July 4th is on a weekday  (camp is closed on that day).
c. Do not fill in the cost for the session, as this will be funded by the scholarship.

3. If necessary, a camp registration package can be mailed to you. Please call Nancy Ghertner at 585-732-6047 if you would like the registration package mailed to your address.


4. In the box near the bottom of the Scholarship Application, please be sure to provide a brief explanation of what circumstances make the scholarship assistance needed.


5. Essay: The student should write a brief “essay” of one or two paragraphs that introduces themselves and states their desire and why they want to attend camp. Attach it to the scholarship application form. (This is not necessary for Sodus Central School District students who are being nominated by the school, unless the guidance counselor thinks it would benefit the student in some way.)


6. Letter of Reference: Include at least one reference letter from a non-family adult who knows the student. This can be a school teacher, church pastor or priest, athletic coach, family friend, etc. (For Sodus Central School District students being nominated by the school, the guidance counselor’s recommendation is sufficient).


7. Mail all of the above to Nancy Ghertner, Scholarship Chair, SBJSA, PO Box 117, Sodus Point, NY  14555.

8. Please call Nancy directly with any and all questions: 585-732-6047. She will call you when we receive your submitted scholarship application package, including camp registration.

9. Scholarships are awarded annually by SBJSA no later than early June. The parent(s) or guardian(s) will receive a letter and a phone call confirming that their child has been granted a scholarship and what camp session the student has been scheduled to attend.

The criteria for awarding scholarships are:

A. interest on the part of the student who is applying.


B. The student could not otherwise attend without the financial support of scholarship funds.


C. The parent(s) or guardian(s) are able to provide or arrange for:

  • Transportation to and from the camp in a timely manner.

  • Daily lunch

  • Proper clothing as listed in the Parent Handbook (which is a portion of the camp registration package).


D. A SBJSA scholarship is generally not available for more than one year per student. A student cannot receive a scholarship for a second year. However, a second family member can apply in other years. Occasionally, individual donors may sponsor a student for a second year, although this is not typical. Scholarship funding provided by community organizations are given to a student for one year only.