SBJSA is a member of the Middle Atlantic Sailing Association. Similar to how Section Five divides New York MASSA is one section of the national governing body of High School Sailing. Click on the logo above for more information. Fall Sailing is designed to introduce new sailors to the sport and how schools organize competitive teams.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible?

  • Any Middle/High School boy or girl grades 7-12 attending school in Wayne county.
  • Interest in sailing and possibly forming a school team
  • No sailing experience needed, SBJSA Community Sailing will provide boats and US Sailing Certified coaches.
  • 4 to six students from and school are needed to form a team. SBJSA will merge teams for the first few years if necessary.
  • Join, bring a friend and we will assist you in learning and forming a team.
  • A single student from any school will be accomodated in a team.
  • JV and Varsity competitive teams teams can be formed at any school.

How to start a team.

No experience is necessary. Find some friends and speak with SBJSA about forming a team. We teach over 160 kids ages 8-18 how to sail each summer. Many of those kids form the teams that race in Monroe county. Let's start our own teams in Wayne county and compete with teams across the state. Once you are comfortable with sailing you may want to form a team.

How does it work?

Most comnpettive teams are school clubs not run by the athletic departments. A staff advisor or parent may organize a team at any school. There are over 6ooo students sailing in the US, 14 schools in Monroe county alone. SBJSA Community Sailing is one of the largest sailing schools in New York State with over 75 boats. The home of Rochester Institute of Technology Sailing team, we have the boats, the location, and staff. Join with us. We will teach you the basics and share the fun.

How do IHelp with your program.

  • Call with questions, let SBJSA help get you started.
  • MIke Foley @ 585 748 7006


SBJSA is committed to making the joys of sailing & other watersports available to everyone, building lifelong boaters & fostering responsible eco-awareness & stewardship of our natural resource, Great Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario. 


Fun activities on the water are at the core of our educational/recreational programs & our community partnerships. Reaching out to both locals & visitors, including the underserved, we promote teamwork, leadership, community spirit, & healthy lives.   



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